Our Company

Since its inception, the company has always focus on customer service, listen to the customer need, custom made all products to their need in term of the packing format size, weight, texture, cooking instruction and eating quality.

Rice Ramen​

Rice Ramen, a noodle none like other! It is fat free, additive free and gluten free, smooth, and chewy. It encompasses all the healthy attributes of a wholesome product while maintaining the distinct chewiness, smooth texture and elasticity found within a ramen. All the qualities of rice and ramen combined! Or as we like to call it, “The Child of Rice and Ramen!”. May our love and culture pass onto generations and beyond.

Rice noodles

Rice noodles, or simply rice noodle, are noodles made from rice. The principal ingredients are rice flour and water. Sometimes ingredients such as tapioca or corn starch are added to improve the transparency or increase the gelatinous and chewy texture of the noodles.

The shelf life may be extended by drying and removing its moisture content.

Rice Vermicelli

Rice Vermicelli are a thin form of rice noodles. They are sometimes referred to as rice noodles or rice sticks, but they should not be confused with cellophane noodles, a different Asian type of vermicelli made from mung bean starch or rice starch rather than rice grains itself.

Pad Thai

Though stir-fried rice noodles were introduced to Thailand from China centuries ago; the dish Pad Thai was invented in the mid-20th century.